Term Conditions Page

Nature’s Way Online Store – Farmer Market  Traders Terms and Conditions

 1.    All Vendors must read these terms and conditions and confirm agreement and compliance of them by signing the Nature’s Way Online Store Traders application form before selling is allowed.

 2.    All produce offered for sale must be locally grown or locally produced within a 50 mile radius of the market town/city. For certain products which are unavailable locally, a wider radius may be agreed (up to a maximum of 100 miles) by the market organisers as an exception to this rule.

 3.    No bought-in produce or commercially made mixes are allowed, and where processed foods are to be sold, at least 30% of the ingredients or raw materials used should be sourced locally (see criterion 2 for definition of “Local”). 

 4.    Any plants being sold at the Nature’s Way Online Store must have been grown from seed, cuttings or have been potted on from plugs. Plants from plugs must not be sold on until the plant is well established. Producers must not buy in mature plants for immediate resale.

 5.    Nature’s Way Farmers Market reserves the right to determine at its absolute discretion the vendors who will be stallholders to be allowed to operate in the market.

 6.    All Vendors must comply fully with the requirements of The Food Safety & Hygiene Department in their respective countries. They are also expected to comply with all instructions given by any suitably authorised officer of Nature’s Way Farmers Market.

 7.    All products offered for sale must be labelled, priced and sold according to legal requirements. 

 8.    Sellers must be able to provide accurate allergen information.

 9.    No products containing Tabaco, alcohol, rum or the likes are allowed in the Farmers Market

 10.Vendors shall indemnify Nature’s Way and its officers from all costs and claims whether for loss, damage, death of or injury to persons, personal belongings or vehicles arising from the Vendors use of the platform.

 11.Nature’s Way Online Standard operating hours will be between Sunday 7am to Friday 4pm.

 12.Only good quality craftwork, plants and fresh, quality produce at a fair price should be on sale.

 13.Any customer complaints must be recorded and dealt with by the vendor in a civil, welcome and helpful way in order to meet customer expectations.

 14.No political propaganda or the raising of any petitions etc. will be allowed on the vendors page or any part of the site.

 15.Vendors will be paid each Thursday. 

 16.I have read and understood the above Farmers Market Terms and Conditions and participating in our online market, I agree to accept and abide by them.