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Nature's Way / Virgin Cleanse

Virgin Cleanse


Embark on a rejuvenating journey with the Virgin Cleanse package at Nature’s Way. Combining fruits, vegetables, and herbs, this program aids in natural healing and cleansing



The Virgin Cleanse package requires a one-day lead time. If you would like to start on Wednesday, for example, the order should be placed on Monday.
Daily Juices are ready to be picked up at 8am from the CBR Tortola Pier Park Location. Telephone 284-343-5860 between the hours of 8am – 3pm. They can also be shipped to the Virgin Gorda or the USVI via ferry for same day pickup.
We do not claim a 100% success rate as the Virgin Cleanse program is not a prescription. It is just a combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs which help the body heal and cleanse itself. The results vary by individual. For example, we had one customer who shared that their bathroom usage increased significantly while another customer said the results were mild.
Because the ingredients are simple (Fruits/vegetables/herbs), some of our Virgin Cleanse customers have also gone about the process in creative ways. Some eat one meal a day with the juices, others do the program over 4-5 days instead of three, while others refrain from eating completely.
Many customers have repeated the Virgin Cleanse program but with only 3 to 4 juices per day at a lower cost.
If you have an underlying health condition, it would be wise to consult with your Health Care Provider.


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