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Zocial Icons

Need social icons? We got you covered! They are crafted by Sam Collins and all in a very high resolution. And here’s how you use them (example for the very first icon):

[[zocial service="acrobat"]]


[zocial service=”acrobat”] acrobat

[zocial service=”amazon”] amazon

[zocial service=”android”] android

[zocial service=”angellist”] angellist

[zocial service=”aol”] aol

[zocial service=”appnet”] appnet

[zocial service=”appstore”] appstore

[zocial service=”bitbucket”] bitbucket

[zocial service=”bitcoin”] bitcoin

[zocial service=”blogger”] blogger

[zocial service=”buffer”] buffer

[zocial service=”call”] call

[zocial service=”cal”] cal

[zocial service=”cart”] cart

[zocial service=”chrome”] chrome

[zocial service=”cloudapp”] cloudapp

[zocial service=”creativecommons”] creativecommons

[zocial service=”delicious”] delicious

[zocial service=”digg”] digg

[zocial service=”disqus”] disqus

[zocial service=”dribbble”] dribbble

[zocial service=”dropbox”] dropbox

[zocial service=”drupal”] drupal

[zocial service=”dwolla”] dwolla

[zocial service=”email”] email

[zocial service=”eventasaurus”] eventasaurus

[zocial service=”eventbrite”] eventbrite

[zocial service=”eventful”] eventful

[zocial service=”evernote”] evernote

[zocial service=”facebook”] facebook

[zocial service=”fivehundredpx”] fivehundredpx

[zocial service=”flattr”] flattr

[zocial service=”flickr”] flickr

[zocial service=”forrst”] forrst

[zocial service=”foursquare”] foursquare

[zocial service=”github”] github

[zocial service=”gmail”] gmail

[zocial service=”google”] google

[zocial service=”googleplay”] googleplay

[zocial service=”googleplus”] googleplus

[zocial service=”gowalla”] gowalla

[zocial service=”grooveshark”] grooveshark

[zocial service=”guest”] guest

[zocial service=”html5″] html5

[zocial service=”ie”] ie

[zocial service=”instagram”] instagram

[zocial service=”instapaper”] instapaper

[zocial service=”intensedebate”] intensedebate

[zocial service=”itunes”] itunes

[zocial service=”klout”] klout

[zocial service=”lanyrd”] lanyrd

[zocial service=”lastfm”] lastfm

[zocial service=”linkedin”] linkedin

[zocial service=”macstore”] macstore

[zocial service=”meetup”] meetup

[zocial service=”myspace”] myspace

[zocial service=”ninetyninedesigns”] ninetyninedesigns

[zocial service=”openid”] openid

[zocial service=”opentable”] opentable

[zocial service=”paypal”] paypal

[zocial service=”pinboard”] pinboard

[zocial service=”pinterest”] pinterest

[zocial service=”plancast”] plancast

[zocial service=”plurk”] plurk

[zocial service=”pocket”] pocket

[zocial service=”podcast”] podcast

[zocial service=”posterous”] posterous

[zocial service=”print”] print

[zocial service=”quora”] quora

[zocial service=”reddit”] reddit

[zocial service=”rss”] rss

[zocial service=”scribd”] scribd

[zocial service=”skype”] skype

[zocial service=”smashing”] smashing

[zocial service=”songkick”] songkick

[zocial service=”soundcloud”] soundcloud

[zocial service=”spotify”] spotify

[zocial service=”statusnet”] statusnet

[zocial service=”steam”] steam

[zocial service=”stripe”] stripe

[zocial service=”stumbleupon”] stumbleupon

[zocial service=”tumblr”] tumblr

[zocial service=”twitter”] twitter

[zocial service=”viadeo”] viadeo

[zocial service=”vimeo”] vimeo

[zocial service=”vk”] vk

[zocial service=”weibo”] weibo

[zocial service=”wikipedia”] wikipedia

[zocial service=”windows”] windows

[zocial service=”wordpress”] wordpress

[zocial service=”xing”] xing

[zocial service=”yahoo”] yahoo

[zocial service=”yelp”] yelp

[zocial service=”youtube”] youtube